The Dark Universe explained: what is next after The Invisible Man?

The Dark Universe explained: what is next after The Invisible Man?

The Invisible guy is just the (re)start.

Ah yes, the Dark Universe – remember that? It started in 2014 with Dracula: Untold, after which once more in 2017 aided by the Mummy (no Brendan Fraser around the corner) directed by Alex Kurtzman, who was simply additionally set to helm the world.

Neither film had been a hit, critically or commercially, after which Kurtzman departed The franchise that is mummy making the Dark Universe up in the atmosphere. In-may 2018, musician Robert Vargas reinvigorated a cure for the long term, posting to Instagram about his ending up in Universal.

But it is been a number of years since that time so we’ve only had one film within the Dark Universe version 2 – The Invisible Man. With The man that is invisible generally speaking good reviews, there is apparently more hope than perhaps not that the shared world will need off. Here is every thing we all know in regards to the Dark Universe.

The Dark Universe: How it began

Through the 1920s towards the 1950s, Universal Studios released a plethora of monster films you start with silent movies such as the Hunchback of Notre Dame while the Phantom regarding the Opera.

Whenever ‘talkies’ were developed, they started initially to make hits like Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Invisible Man, BrThe Wolfman and Creature through the Ebony Lagoon and their spin-offs that are own sequels.

There have been additionally lesser-known games, that could show fertile ground for future remakes. They consist of Weird Girl, The Frozen Ghost, Pillow Of Death therefore the Mole People.

The black Universe: Where are we have now?

February 2020 has heard of very very first movie into the thrice-rebooted Dark Universe, The man that is invisible. It stars Elisabeth Moss as Cecilia, a lady being suffering from her ex – that is supposedly dead.

The movie is really a metaphor for domestic physical violence, in specific the manipulation of just one partner by one other referred to as gaslighting. As Cecilia describes it: « this is just what he does. I am made by him feel just like the crazy one. « 

Unlike the prior tries to begin the black Universe, The Invisible Man does well both during the field workplace along with experts. The movie is on target to help make $30 million in its weekend that is opening on $7 million budget.

That is a better foundation to begin a film world.

The black Universe: the thing that was it said to be?

The plan that is original the Dark Universe had been because of its movies become connected through the Prodigium, a key culture aimed at searching supernatural threats (think SHIELD), run by the one and only physician Henry Jekyll (Russell Crowe), sort of Dark Universe variation of Nick Fury.

Just that is not occurring anymore. Alternatively, Universal is getting off a connected world to a far more tangentially-connected world.

The black Universe: what exactly is it now?

The Dark Universe is not a provided Universe what sort of MCU is, regardless of how difficult Universal attempted to ensure it is therefore. Now, alternatively, it is an umbrella term that encompasses movies featuring Universal’s monsters, and initial some ideas.

This might be a move much like Warner Bros’ shift that is recent from the connected Worlds of DC. Joker, for instance, is component associated with the Worlds of DC but doesn’t always have any plot, character or globe links to your remaining portion of the DC films.

Warner Bros’ other outing that is successful Shazam!, is more connected plot-wise to the Worlds of DC but failed to feature an individual cameo of some other DC film character. This has shown fruitful for WB, plus it appears like Universal has brought a typical page from the guide.

Likewise, The Invisible guy’s manager told CinemaBlend: « At no phase did somebody phone me personally and state ‘oh hey, in addition, we would like it if we’re able to have a cameo from Dr Jekyll in the film’ or ‘we’d love if you can are available and appearance at a few of our plans’. It had been just ever addressed by Universal being a standalone movie. « 

Therefore, the ongoing future of the Dark Universe seems like it should be a few standalone films. What is coming after The Invisible Man?

The Black Universe: Just Just What comes next?

Supposedly nevertheless into the works is black Army become directed by Paul Feig (yes, of final Christmas time! ) which can be kind of the Avengers for the Dark Universe. Relating to Universal president Peter Cramer: « It is difficult to explain the tone of Dark Army.  » (via New York Occasions).

Deadline stated that « the project should include figures from Universal’s classic monster collection and characters that are original by Feig ».

The Invisible Girl

Yep! Elizabeth Banking institutions (Charlie’s Angels) will direct and star within the Invisible girl – no reference to the Invisible that is aforementioned Man. The screenplay originates from Erin Cressida Wilson (the lady regarding the Train).

Dexter Fletcher (Rocketman) is defined to direct Renfield, about a small character into the legend of Dracula. He also eats spiders in it, he’s the count’s henchman but. Making sure that’s something. Cramer described him since: « The man who may have to get results for Dracula, that is the job that is worst ever. « 


There is very little information regarding it available, and Cramer just stated: « There is a filmmaker that is cool, but it is just a little early to talk an excessive amount of about this.  » But, there have been past rumours that James Wan might be associated with Frankenstein, but we’ve no verification of this at the time of yet.

That is all we understand for the time being, but bookmark these pages to get more in the Dark Universe because it’s released.

The Invisible Man has become playing in cinemas.

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